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Hi, my name is Omer Ziv.

I've been using the internet forever (well, since 1993) and have worked at various internet-related jobs since 2004.
Most of my work these days is in that wonderful field that connects between Design, Code and Content (some people call this Product Management, others call it UX).
I really like what I do.
Geek Heaven

, I live in Brooklyn and I'm still pretty excited about everything that's going on around me. My job keeps me fairly busy, but sometimes I like to help people out with their projects. Are you doing something interesting? I'll probably be happy if you get in touch and tell me about it.

I'm looking for your portfolio, where is it?

Well, I actually think the lists on this page define what I do a lot better than images - so please start by going over them and let me know if you feel something's missing.
(Yes, I used to call myself a designer and now I want you to read lists. It's OK to skim.)

Things I am doing these days:

Google I am a happy product manager at Google in New York, in the Material Design team. We make things like the Google Design site, Google Fonts and Material Components.
This is truly a designer-nerd's dream job. What more can I say?

Things I am no longer doing but am happy I was a part of:

Google I moved to New York to be a product manager at Google Docs.
I'm lucky to have worked on one of my absolute favorite products, and such a great team.
Google I moved to California to be a product manager at Google Play.
I was part of a team that focused on discovery of new apps and games, and learned quite a lot. If you don't know what Play is you're probably not using Android. Google it and try it out.
Waze I worked at Waze as the lead Product / UX guy for quite a while.
Waze is a GPS navigation app that (seriously) has the potential to kill traffic by allowing drivers to help each other out.
My job is to plan out new features and I get to work with some great people on making them happen. We work our asses off trying to build something smart, good looking and different - I would love it if you try us out.
The Junction When they needed me, I gave office hours at The Junction, and help entrepreneurs with their products/user interface/design/copy.
Bacon Oppenheim I worked at BaconOppenheim for almost a year.
Dani and Hovav are geniuses, they've created an awesome little team and we got to work with big, interesting companies like Google and
If you're looking for something smart and well designed you should definitely hire them, they rock.
Bezalel Academy of Art and Design I've been back at Bezalel a few times, but on the faculty's side, teaching an introductory HTML/CSS class to visual communication design students, and assisting the wonderful Gila Kaplan in her Book Design studio class.
Open Knesset I volunteered at Open Knesset, an Israeli Open-Source Open-Government initiative that is currently undergoing major redesign.
Waze I freelance-designed a new user interface for Waze (version 3.0). It was a really big jump from version 2 to 3, I am really happy I got to be a part of it.
Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
From Points to Pixels

I graduated from the Visual Communications department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem.

My Final Project at Bezalel is a blog named From Points to Pixels that talks about typographic design and it's shift from print to the web.
I worked with Gila Kaplan on Yonatan Vinitsky's "The Neglected Genie". Yonatan is a very interesting artist, you should look him up.
Parsons the New School for Design   Boxee

I studied at Parsons for a semester on a student exchange program.
While living in New York I got to intern at Boxee and participated in the EyeWriter collab which was exciting/touching/important/awesome.

FlipWorld   Find Bruce I created 2 little iOS games with my friend Luka, named "Find Bruce" and "FlipWorld". They were fun, but you can't find them on any app store anymore.
8hands I worked with some really great people and learned a lot about social networks while working at 8hands (the 8hands website is offline now, but this video explains what it was all about).
Reshet TV I was part of a 3 person team that created Reshet's website back in 2007 (we were competing with a 100+ person team that worked on the-other-tv-broadcaster's website).
Mantis My first real-life job was at Mantis, where I got to design, code and find out about the geek heaven mentioned above.
Uhm.Nu I created a website as a platform for collective writing named incorporated, in which almost 30 people posted content together over about 7 years. It's in Hebrew and it started before they were called "blogs".
Swanky Back when the internet started, I was in the Swankarmy.

Places where you can find me:

A more detailed professional profile can be found over on LinkedIn.
I am social on Facebook and Twitter, sort of.
I upload photos to Instagram, older ones are still on Flickr.
I use Email.

Thank you for reading.
Have a nice