A photo of Omer looking directly at the camera and winking slightly
A fairly-recent photo of me mid-thought.

Hi, my name is Omer Ziv.

I'm a designer/nerd that works in product and UX.

I've been building little websites forever (well, since 1994), and worked in actual tech jobs since 1999 - as a designer, a developer, and a product manager. I enjoy work that connects UX, code and storytelling in interesting ways, and generally prefer human-intelligence over AI. , and moved around quite a lot over the years - I currently spend most of my time in Tel Aviv, and get to Brooklyn as often as I can.

These days, most of my work is consulting. I’m pretty good at listening and note-taking, breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable ones, and reconnecting dots in ways that make sense. Are you working on anything interesting? Please get in touch and tell me all about it.

I'm looking for your portfolio, where is it?

It's been a few years since I designed or built anything all by myself - so instead of a portfolio, I decided to write about some of my favorite past roles and projects. I think this explains my work better than screenshots, anyways.

So - Yes, I'm asking you to read a long list. And - Yes, It's OK to skim.

Thank you for reading.